Monday, April 27, 2020

Transformed Convict by Shadoman (Comics Sissy Chastity Bisexual)

After a brief break for a late summer holiday, I am back with a second helping of illustrated delights, this time courtesy of Amazing Transformation Comics.

For his latest release, Shadoman has relaxed some of his harder, kinkier elements and created a wonderful (almost romantic) fantasy of servitude and submission. It is 2040, the penal system has been privatized, and prisons are looking for new revenue streams. When Carson is sentenced to 20 years as the driver in a fatal robbery, he volunteers for the prison's gender modification program to reduce his sentence, becoming a Transformed Convict.

Part One of the story is where all the sci-fi kink is to be found with a very erotic sequence of preparation and transformation. After enduring a series of forced milkings, Carson is subjected to a series of cosmetic transformations as well as deep mental conditioning, sexually reorienting him to men and women, and programming him to enjoy oral and anal sex. All the gadgets and technology look fantastic, and the contrast between the cold, sterile grey of the transformation lab and the warm, welcoming pink of his mental conditioning is exquisite. In a lovely little twist, part of that conditioning involves Carson being fed the sperm of his own milking!

It is in Part Two that we find out what the new Carley's future holds - she will belong to the gay president of a small island country, publicly serving as his first lady and providing cover to the Catholic nation, while privately fulfilling his sexual needs as a chaste sissy. I loved how Carson/Carley is so consciously uncomfortable with the transformation, struggling with dresses and heels, and yet the sight of cock triggers her subconscious programming to reveal her inner slut. The erotic scenes here are short, just a few pages, but the visuals of Carley between twin men are gorgeous!

Part Three is where it all comes together, delivering Carley to her fate. While she still struggles to accept her new needs, desires, and responses to erotic stimuli, she begins to accept that being the first lady of an island paradise with a rich husband is better than being a man in a prison cell. This is the erotic chapter of the story, involving both men and women, with Carley's conscious mind slowly catching up to her subconscious conditioning, until she suddenly finds herself enjoying her role and even taking the lead. There is so much to admire here, including sexy lingerie and some inventive sexual positions.

The story ends on a surprisingly tender note, which makes me excited for what is coming next . . . although I know Shadoman will have a few surprise twists in store!

Shadoman is a CG artist who enjoys telling stories through 3D comic art. Originally from the Mid-west, he now resides in Southern California. He is a Viet-Nam vet in his mid-60’s, married to a wonderful gal who is also his best friend and text editor. A film buff with an extensive library, it was his passion for film as a young teen that was his vehicle to escape and expand his own creative mind and become a storyteller.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Freebie Fetish Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then it must be time to bend our way into the weekend with Freebie Fetish Friday.

Every Friday I search through the weekend's free titles on Amazon, looking for those that might be of interest to similarly bent readers, fans, and lovers. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, or covert it with Calibre to load onto a Kobo, iPad, or anything else.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.



Thursday, April 23, 2020

No More Keeping Secrets by Damien Dsoul (cuckold bisexual)

A new read from Damien Dsoul is always a pleasure, and No More Keeping Secrets is something special even by his high standards. The collection offers 11 short stories, each centered on a different woman, that do a wonderful job of exploring all the facets of cuckolding relationships.

The opening tale, Venus, is the darkest of the collection and it sets a thoughtful tone. It is the story of a woman who moves from open flirting and seduction to boldly cuckolding her angry, jealous husband. What so compelling is the husband's journey, slowly coming to understand how selfish he has been and how it is only the fear of losing her that reminds him how much he loves her.

By contrast, Amber was a fun tale of a cuckold couple in need of an emergency bull, while Marie was an intense little tale of a hotwife's first time and her husband's long-distance voyeurism. A definite fantasy for some readers, Kim is story of an unemployed young black man who stumbles across the opportunity of a lifetime, accepting a job as a couple's dedicated bull for $200 a session.

Alice was one of my favorites in the collection, exploring a threesome full of secrets and revelations, with a husband and wife confessing to their submissive infidelities with the same man. It is a funny, sexy, thoughtful story, and their session with a dominatrix is so much fun!

Jessica marks the return of Master Shango with a story that explores the erotic connection between husband, wife, and bull. Greta was another favorite of mine, a taboo tale of a newly married bride who discovers secrets about herself, her black husband, and her kinky family while on honeymoon.

Stepping back from the brink of taboo fantasy, Elsa was a loving story of cuckolding, voyeurism, and cleanup; Lily explores the erotic bonds between best friends who share the same black lover; and Berna starts as a couple's exhibitionist fantasy, but unexpectedly slips into humiliation-fueled cuckolding.

Finally, closing out the collection on an exquisitely high note, Sheryl is a sort of thematic sequel to Alice, moving beyond submissive bisexuality into sissy cuckolding. There was just so much to love about this one, with a happy couple absolutely owned by a black dominatrix who demands their oral worship before orchestrating the cuckolding so that everybody feeds the white boy.

There are stories in No More Keeping Secrets where cuckolding is the wife's idea, the husband's, or a mutual fantasy. We see happy cuckold couples, strained marriages, and even a kinky bit of matchmaking. Some of the cuckolded hubbies are eager participants, some are more reluctant, and some are tortured voyeurs. It is not just mind-blowing sex that you get with these stories, but genuine emotions that enhance the erotica. Some of the stories are more fantastic than others, but they are all plausible, and being able to imagine yourself within the experience is a pleasure indeed.

DAMIEN DSOUL is a certifiable sex fiend with a cursed sense of imagination. He's a black bastard who loves taking long walks, admiring lovely women, and then locking himself up in his room and putting thoughts to words.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Forever a Woman by Daniela R. Lovejoy (bodysuit masking feminization)

Wrapping up The Girls Club trilogy, Daniela R. Lovejoy shifts gears a bit from the tension of Zipped In and the danger of Becoming a Girl, giving Mia a happily ever after in Forever a Woman (with a little kink mixed into the romance).

The story picks up two years after the last volume, with Mia living quite happily as a woman, having taken advantage of the permanent bodysuit's beauty to become a word-class model. She is missing her best friend and all-too-brief lover, James, who has stopped responding to her calls and her texts, and she has been trying to make amends with Antonia by sending an apology letter along with partial payments for the suit.

When the opportunity for a huge new perfume contract brings her back home, Mia takes the plunge and heads back to the club for the resolution I felt was absent from Becoming a Girl. It does not go quite the way my fantasies would have it, but it is a realistic attempt at repairing a damaged relationship that definitely works.

Things with James are a bit more complex, but the emotions between them are wonderfully explored. In a scene that really sort of signals her inner acceptance of the transformation, Mia even takes the reins as a gentle dominant, claiming what she wants and punishing James for how he left things and what he did (or did not do) after.

Forever a Woman is most definitely a romantic drama, closing one chapter in Mia's life while opening another, but it does have its erotic moments. Most of them are wild and playful, one with that gentle femdom taste of kink, and the last with genuine passion. When you consider the three books together, the journey from Max to Mia is a fabulous one, and I love where Daniela ultimately took it.

Born and living in the Northwest near beautiful nature with both forest and coast with in walking distance, Daniela likes to wander in those surroundings when the weather allows it. She enjoys the fresh air, and it gives her mind space to let new ideas flow. When not writing, she loves to cuddle up with a book or watch a TV series or hang out with her friends and family.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Zephyr's New Girls by Angel Belmont (scifi genderswap erotica)

I first had the pleasure of meeting Angel Belmont through Big Daddy's Girls, and I instantly fell in love with the sense of community explored within those stories and wonderfully open-minded acceptance of the wildest kinks and fetishes. The Zephyr's New Girls is an entirely different story, with a different feel and a different style, but it has the same passion for the human experience and human emotions that I so fondly remembered.

The story opens with a bang as a trailing series of asteroids wreak havoc on The Zephyr and its crew. Just 7 years into its 26 year voyage, with over 100,000 of the crew suddenly dead, they suddenly find themselves without enough people to successfully build and repopulate their new home. Compounding the problem is the fact that, because of the segregation of the stasis chambers and where the asteroids hit, almost all of the surviving crew are men.

Before I saw more about the story, I do need to say a few words about the style. Angel relates the experiences about The Zephyr through a series of logs and transcribed conversations. I found it a bit awkward at first, having expected a Star Trek style narrative where the logs would give way to more traditional telling, but once I settled into the read and became familiar with the narrative voices of the crew, I found I rather enjoyed the personal touch it puts on the tragedy.

I loved how the gender-swap element was introduced and how it was explored, with the crew understandably hesitant to undergo such drastic transformations. The dynamic between friends and lovers, and how it shifts with gender, is something that the story does a wonderful job of exploring. We see jealousy, uncertainly, fear, and desire, all wrapped up in these new experiences, coupled with questions of body image and sexual arousal.

Much of The Zephyr's New Girls is dark and anxious, as it should be given the tragedy that opens the tale and the consequences is threatens for humanity, but it does find its way to happiness and pleasure before the end. There are some beautiful new romances established, new desires explored, and even some humor slipped in towards the very end. It is a sexy tale with more than a little gender-fueled wish fulfillment, but a thoughtful one as well, full of big ideas and moral quandaries - precisely what erotic science fiction should be.

Angel Belmont is the writer of erotic fiction books. Some of the themes you'll see include: Sissy, Feminization, Toys, Hormones, Gender Bending, Diapers, ABDL, Cuckolding, Massive Cocks, Pegging, BDSM, impregnation, Breastfeeding, Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Interracial, and many more filthy delights. Angel is not a lazy writer. The stories will have character development. There will be some dark elements. Knowing the characters will make their adventures that much hotter


Monday, April 20, 2020

The Pink Room by Lyka Bloom (femdom feminization)

There are some stories that just go straight to your heart, making it soar with shared joy. They are the stories that speak to desires within us, either reminding us of better times or promising better times ahead.

The Pink Room: A First Time Feminization Tale by Lyka Bloom is most definitely one of those stories. Yes, it is undeniably kinky, featuring female domination and illicit seduction, but it is also wonderfully sweet, with feminization leading to self-discovery. There is also a bittersweet, almost sorrowful thread of betrayal to the story, but it is handled very well.

I love how Lyka teases Elena long before we ever meet her, with her sister and her parents building this dark, edgy, possibly dangerous reputation. When we do finally meet her, she proves to be as naturally dominant as she is beautiful, and the way she literally sweeps Rob off his feet is exciting to witness. He is helpless before her, and the guilt he feels over that is genuine.

As for the feminization, that is beautiful done! It is not a punishment or a humiliation, but an indulgence of his deepest desires, leading him to a self-awareness about himself that changes everything. His happiness just shines off the page, and if you are not smiling with him by the end, then I worry for your own heart because The Pink Room (and everything in it) is beautiful.

Lyka Bloom lives and works in Tennessee as a technical writer. She has always enjoyed the exploration of fantasies, from the mundane to the kinky, generally revolving around hypnosis, mind control and transformation.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

TGCaption - Bimbo Nurse (feminization bimbofication)

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

I promised Dee a hospital-themed caption this week, but all I could find was sexy nurses, so I had to find a way to sort of flip the conversation, to put her off-screen but still make her transformation clear. 

It ended up a little dark and edgy, definitely tricky and kind of sinister . . . but all with the empty-headed promise of a happy future. I struggled to give her one last cute line, but it felt too neat, too tidy, so I just left it with that veiled threat (or happy promise - you choose) that this is forever...

Friday, April 17, 2020

Freebie Fetish Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then it must be time to bend our way into the weekend with Freebie Fetish Friday.

Every Friday I search through the weekend's free titles on Amazon, looking for those that might be of interest to similarly bent readers, fans, and lovers. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, or covert it with Calibre to load onto a Kobo, iPad, or anything else.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.