Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Bushel of Peaches by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian bdsm)

A new story from Sorcha Rowan is always a treat, but a collection is like an entire box of chocolates, each one a slightly different flavor . . . but all with a touch of peach! Speaking of peaches, A Bushel of Peaches is her latest collection of 9 women-loving-women stories and they are an absolute delight.

The Tool is a brief BDSM scene featuring impact play and masturbation, hot and heavy and so very sexy, but there is also evidence of deeper character motivations behind it. The Naughty Doctor is a fun tale of a massage that leads to a clandestine closet encounter. The Juiciest Peach was so tasty, with the peach fuzz of a naked bottom and the fruity taste of body wash flavoring the erotic feast.

A Sweet Treat was so good, so sweet, so panty-wetting, it was my absolute favorite! A chocolate shop, mature lesbians, and erotic lovemaking lessons make for an unforgettable night. I so want to read more about Helen and Bren!

Lust in the Studio was a sexy story of photography, blushing, and passion, while Coming Early was an unexpected surprise about a, well, unexpected sexy surprise. New Knickers and Backdoor Access were two more tasty tale of tongues and mouths and secret places, one flossed with knickers and the other spiced with rosebuds. My Good Girl returns to the BDSM theme of the opening story, with lube, a paddle, a vibrator, a stainless steel dildo, and a selection of silk ties setting the scene.

These are all short, passionate stories of erotic abandon, but there are still the same wonderful character details and delicious dialogue that Sorcha does so very well.

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Apprentice by Yumi Cox (transgender bisexual)

I have been following Yumi Cox on social media for a while now, and even though her name initially made me giggle, I was impressed with everything I read. She seemed to be a clever, well-spoken author with a loving grasp of transgender themes and I was anxious to give her a read.

With The Exchange and The Apprentice both sitting before me, waiting for a read, it was a toss-up as to which I would choose first. Something about the virgin romance of The Apprentice just called to me a little bit louder, and I am so glad it did because it was a wonderful introduction that has me eager to read more.

This is the story of a young electrician's apprentice named Shane, a slender, long-haired boy who just wants to be helpful. When he joins his boss for a rewiring of the infamous Bella’s Bordello, where Madam X likes to pay in a trade of services, he find himself overwhelmed by the erotic allure of the women there. Natasha, a leather-clad beauty catches him in her web, teasing him, seducing him, and offering to provide his very own Virgin Conversion Therapy.

This is such a sex-positive, trans-positive story, I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Natasha's reveal is casual, and Shane's reaction is entirely sweet. There is no shock, surprise, or struggling with emotions. He is such a wonderful submissive, so eager to please and excited to learn, and as Shayna he is even more delicious. The erotic elements are explicit but tasteful, and they are as much about how Shane/Shayna feels as what they are feeling. 

There is a definite fantasy aspect to The Apprentice, an erotic dream come true, but there is also a sense of self-discovery and personal growth. My giggles overcome, the name Yumi Cox will only make me smile in warm delight from now on.

Yumi Cox is a young writer on the rise from the beautiful city of Newcastle, Australia via Kyoto, Japan. Growing up amongst the rich culture of Japan, Yumi was able to explore her imagination through comic books, short stories and classic novels. Moving to Australia at age thirteen, she experienced passion, love and sex for the first time, which she channels into her writing. Yumi spends her time equally between the traditional and reserved Japan and the youthful and vibrant Australia. Yumi chose to become a writer of erotic romance in order to embrace the duality of her life.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

TGCaption - Birthday Wishes (genderswap transformation)

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

Just a quick, fun caption for a good friend who has a birthday coming up next week. You never know what might happen when you blow out those special candles!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Freebie Fetish Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then it must be time to bend our way into the weekend with Freebie Fetish Friday.

Every Friday I search through the weekend's free titles on Amazon, looking for those that might be of interest to similarly bent readers, fans, and lovers. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, or covert it with Calibre to load onto a Kobo, iPad, or anything else.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Fablecastle Chronicles by Trina Spillman (fairytale scifi)

Following on three short novellas where Maggie McCullough revealed the truth behind The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan, Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Trina Spillman invites us into the magical world of her star reporter's first novel-length adventure . . . which contains more than a few surprises.

The Fablecastle Chronicles takes Maggie and her boyfriend to Earth, where she has been assigned to interview a very different character. Well-dressed, arrogant, and demanding, her assignment is none other than Lucifer. Who claims to be an alien. With connections to the Lemurians of Atlantis. Possessed of all the secrets behind the snake, the ark, Jesus, the pyramids, and more. It is a crazy story, but a whole lot of fun, with an imaginative sci-fi take on mythology and history.

While there is some romance to the novel, the soft erotica of the shorter novellas is absent - which is fine, because there is more than enough mystery and drama to carry the novel. This was such a fun, fascinating read, with a whole host of characters surrounding Maggie to round out the story. Of course, there is an element of uncertainty to it all, what with Lucifer being the Prince of Lies, and with Maggie's enchanted pen being able to detect such lies.

I love stories that subvert mythology and put a new spin on history, inserting some creativity (and even a little reason) into fables and myths that are so often taken (or dismissed) on faith. The Fablecastle Chronicles was not quite the book I expected after those first few short adventures, but it is a wonderful next evolution of the concept.

Author of Florida Frights: Ghosts of the Keys, a collection of strange but true, and meticulously researched, ghost stories, Trina Spillman has now ventured into the world of erotica. Her latest work--a rocking, ribald, humorous series entitled Setting the Record Straight--starts with the truth behind the tales of The Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella. Mrs. Spillman lives in South Florida with her husband and splits her time between their home on land and their houseboat where she hunkers down to create stories guaranteed to make you laugh, or cry ... or blush.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sissy Instructions by Becky Huntingdon (sissy femdom erotica)

This weekend I had the pleasure of listening to Sissy Instructions by Becky Huntingdon, narrated by Piper Fairweather and I must say it was an entirely delightful experience. While I am usually more of a reader than a listener, the nature of Becky's tale, in which six different women speak directly to you, makes for a perfect transition to audio. It personalizes and heightens the whole experience.

There are five chapters to the story, beginning with Chloe, a professional female dominant who specializes in feminization. This is a wonderful chapter because it mixes instruction, encouragement, and humiliation in a sexy scene. 

The next chapter, Jenny, was far and away my favorite. She is a neighbor who catches you dressed, helps build your gay dating profile, and teaches you all about pleasing men. Her excitement and encouragement were, for me, absolutely perfect.

Tina, the personal shopper you hired, switches the tone back to dominant and humiliating, but the shopping experience is wonderful, and you can see yourself acquiring more and more femininity as the afternoon progresses. I preferred Jenny's happy friendship, but I loved this experience.

The last two chapters are rather short, but still very sexy. Rachael & Sara are two police officer who pull you over, discover you are a sissy, and humiliate your roadside. Your Girlfriend is, well, just that, and in coming out to her as a sissy you hand her total control of your relationship. These are simple humiliation scenarios, but if that is your kink, they are fun.

As an audiobook, Sissy Instructions is a lot of fun, with a perfect narrator to fit the stories. Piper has a lovely voice to listen to, she gets into the roles and dramatizes them nicely, and she even attempts a bit of an upper class accent for one chapter. Far be it from me to suggest how you should listen to this, but I could see myself dressing with her accompaniment. 

About Becky Huntingdon: Hi, I'm Becky, a sometimes boy, sometimes girl who loves writing naughty stories. Most of what I write is based on my experience living and crossdressing in Thailand.


Monday, June 22, 2020

Naughty Swapped by Daniela R. Lovejoy (genderswap bisexual)

Having injected some erotic imagination into the bodysuit feminization genre with The Girls ClubDaniela R. Lovejoy dips her digital pen into the world of gender-swapping pills with Naughty Swapped

I loved how . . . well, nonchalant this story was. James is a lonely geek who, one drunken night, saw an infomercial for the Fem-X-Dream gender swap pill and decided to order a bottle. Sober and embarrassed when the shipment arrived, he stashed it under the bed and forgot all about it. It is a full year later, while rummaging in his closet for something non-geeky to wear to a party that he finds the box. There is no internal debate or agonizing over the decision. He is simply curious, so he decides to swallows a pill.

It, of course, works like a dream and he awakes with the body of a highly-sexed supermodel. Again, there is no panic or regret, no worrying about changing back, he just decides to enjoy his body, and figures it will be fun to attend the party as a girl and mess with his friend. This is how my genderswap fantasies play out inside my head, accepting the bliss of transformation and indulging my fantasies, and I love that there is no mental or emotional baggage to weigh the story down.

As always, Daniela does a lovely job of making the reader feel like a woman, of guiding us through self-exploration, and holding our hand as we make love for the first time. Naughty Swapped is hot, harmless fun that does not force us to worry about consequences.

Born and living in the Northwest near beautiful nature with both forest and coast with in walking distance, Daniela likes to wander in those surroundings when the weather allows it. She enjoys the fresh air, and it gives her mind space to let new ideas flow. When not writing, she loves to cuddle up with a book or watch a TV series or hang out with her friends and family.


Transomnia by M.C. Questgend (femdom feminization hypnosis)

Transomnia, a new sissy hypnosis tale from M.C. Questgend, is one of those stories that you enjoy from beginning to end, but only really appreciate once you have had some time to think about it.

This is the story of a young man named Rob who is dealing with the stresses of returning to work post-quarantine, the breakup of a relationship, and the pressures of a well-meaning (but ultimately un-supportive) friend. With lack of sleep only compounding his problems, he allows that friend to install a Transitional Relaxation app on his phone. 

At first, the app seems completely harmless, with Mistress Daisy's soothing, pleasant tones lulling him to sleep. Over the next week, however, the things she says . . . the instructions she gives . . . the changes she orchestrates . . . begin to reveal just what she meant when she promised "you will never be the same again" . . . except  Rob has no idea anything has changed.

What I loved (and came to appreciate more as I thought about it) was the fact that the story is entirely from Rob's point-of-view. While we read more into other people's comments or looks, he is completely oblivious. It becomes a forced feminization tale without the humiliation or embarrassment, a rare sissy-positive tale of embracing a new identity and a new sexuality. Aside from a fun twist at the end, there is no attempt to explain or justify Mistress Daisy's agenda, no ulterior motives of blackmail or coercion. 

What Transomnia leaves us with is a happy, well-adjusted, sexually satisfied sissy who, we must admit, is better off than the stressed out young man of a week ago.

Born in 1971, M.C. Questgend traveled the country with his parents as a military brat. Settling in Texas where he was first introduced to alternative lifestyles, he was able to finish high school and continue his new "hobby" in college. After college, he and "she" returned to start a family, but the strain of his "secret" was too much for his now ex-wife. Married a second time was not the answer, so M.C. has transferred the stress to the pen and keyboard. Writing erotic stories - some loosely based on his and "her" life as well as stories involving aspects of the LGBT community, a community and lifestyle he has come to privately embrace. M.C. Questgend is a pen name used to protect his privacy and anonymity. The intent was to write stories that entertain, inspire and motivate - which are as much sensual and heartwarming as they are sexual and explicit.