Wednesday, December 7, 2011

REVIEW: First Taste by Violet Williams

When Violet Williams introduced me to her newest project, she said she wrote First Taste to address "the lack of interracial, bisexual characters in 'new-adult' paranormal romance." Toss in a taboo student/professor relationship, a gruesome serial killer, and a vampire twist, and I was immediately hooked.

This was a very nice change from the kind of urban fantasies stories that seem to be in vogue lately, with a strong, confident, sexually mature heroine who is neither a wanton slut, nor a weak-kneed swooning romantic. Don't get me wrong, those stories can be fun, but they also get tiresome after a while, especially when the romance is used to disguise a plot too thin to succeed on its own.

The story is very well-written, well-balanced between eroticism and horror, with characters you really care about, and a plot that keeps you engaged right to the very end. There's clearly more of the story to come, and (for one) definitely welcome the chance to revisit Violet's world, but as a self-contained tale this works very well.

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  1. What an awesome book! where did you get it? great recommendation!