Friday, September 25, 2015

Lemon Wedges by Briana Lawrence

"It’s ironic, he thinks, that he’s only allowed to openly have certain fetishes."

Lemon Wedges is one of those stories I knew I would love from the very first line. Briana Lawrence spins a short, sassy, surprisingly sensual story. It's fun and thoughtful at the same time, filled with interesting reflections on the idea of fetish, and laced with gorgeous illustrations of fetish exploration.

What makes a fetish?
Does it matter if anybody else knows?
Why are some fetishes more taboo than others?
Are fetishes better when they're shared? 

I loved the contrast of a tatooed, pierced, dark-clothed bad boy getting so weak in the knees over a pair of bright yellow lemon wedges. His fetish begins and ends with the shoes, but he shares a crossdresser's appreciation for the way they look and feel, and the way they alter his entire body shape. His roommate has never given them much thought, but a moment of curiosity quickly gives way to appreciation, and suddenly the door is open to sharing something even deeper.

It all comes down to excitement - it's what defines both the story and the fetish, and Briana does a lovely job of capturing it.

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