Monday, July 16, 2012

REVIEW: Hung in the Middle by Alana Nicole Sholar

Hung in the Middle is a very interesting and compelling memoir that is depicted to the reader in quite a creative way. It’s about a person with intense feelings of gender dysphoria who begins to unfold the complete and complex story of her life in the office of a very caring and supportive gender therapist. Much of the book is presented to the reader in the form of a dialogue between therapist and patient.

Realizing at the tender age of eight that she was really a female soul born in to a male body, the person who ultimately became known as Alana Nicole Sholar begins her tale of transition. The story pulls no punches in that Alana analyzes and dissects her life and struggles as she relates a very frank and honest portrayal of what it was like for her to come to terms with her gender and sexual identity and begin to realize and obtain her lifelong dreams. The rendering turns out to be as much about relationships as it is about gender transition. Alana generally treats those who have crossed her path, particularly her immediate family and her first wife with a great deal of kindness, respect and love.

There are some very dark and rough spots for Alana along the way, but she always seems to call upon a deep inner strength to preserver and pull through. Ultimately, the hero of the story is Alana’s current spouse, an extremely supportive individual who is able to see the silver lining in almost everything. One hopes that Alana, who appears to be very dependent on this relationship, will continue to survive in the face of any rough spots that might emerge in the future. However, as of today Alana’s life appears to be working quite well and her story is wonderful.

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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