Monday, June 8, 2020

The Billionaire Boss Series by Tiny Sparks (BDSM bisexual)

The Billionaire Boss is a new series, currently sitting at 3 books, by Tiny Sparks. It merges the fantasies of office sex, BDSM role playing, and contractual slavery into a sexy story that gets deeper and sexier with each book.

The Boss' Contract begins with a rather abrupt transition from Greta fantasizing about her boss during a meeting to being ambushed by him in the bathroom. I wondered, for a moment, if I had missed something, but she is a very willing participant so I just settled in and enjoyed the ride. This is rough, nasty, dirty bathroom sex, complete with some improvised bondage and a little surprise exhibitionism. It gets even kinkier once the janitor reveals the sordid details of the employment contract Greta neglected to read, but her uncertainty about that, her self-doubt, and her eventual decision sort of bring the story back down to reality.

With Greta having filled the gaps in her contract, documenting her hard and soft limits, it is time to meet The Boss' Client - or clients as the case may be. The way Greta prepares herself for her mysterious meetings is exquisite, with the application of cosmetics and creams leading to an inspection by the boss, but it only gets better from there. The first client encounter is an interesting one, partly for the bondage but mostly for the client's attitude, comparing Greta (unfavorably) to artificial sex toys as he uses her like one. The second client is the one that made my panties wet, with the introduction of a dominatrix and her submissive, but it is the final chat with Greta's boss about slavery that made my heart race.

The Boss' Dungeon is where the fantasy escalates into seriously dreamy territory with Greta being taken to observe an authentic BDSM dungeon party to see what interests her, what excites her, and what perhaps even frightens her. The dynamic between her and her boss develops nicely here, proving he is more caring and considerate than the first two stories may have suggested. This is a largely voyeuristic chapter, watching other couples in the dungeon, but I loved the way Greta fell in love with the whole BDSM scene, and her punishment for cumming without permission is delightful. 

Hopefully there will be a fourth book coming soon, because I am excited to read about Greta's new life as an owned submissive.

Tiny Sparks books are hot, steamy, sexy stories with couples who will excite your imagination. Always full of fun and sexy adventures, her stories are meant to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. All stories are tinged with BDSM - fantasy and based on personal experience.


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