Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Family by Amelita Rae (#Polyamorous #Yaoi #Romance)

Before picking up Happy Family, I really did not know much about Yaoi fiction, manga or otherwise. For those of you who share my innocence, Yaoi fiction focuses on gay romances between a dominant seme and his submissive uke. What attracted me to the genre, of course, is the fact that the uke is often described as either sweetly androgynous or altogether effeminate. He is not necessarily a sissy (although some Yaoi fiction does involve crossdressing), but he is very much a sweet submissive.

Anyway, I have to give the lovely and talented Amelita Rae credit for taking my Yaoi virginity with Happy Family, a book that I am delighted to say delivered on my every expectation.

Not surprisingly, I fell in love with adorable little Akimi. He is such a sweet, effeminate little boy-wife, exactly the kind of character I have been looking for. There are most certainly elements of a sissy princess and blushing bride to his character, but without the gender bending. Akimi is all man, just one who openly embraces his uke sexuality. Oddly enough, his husband is largely absent for most of the story, but there are three other men ready to claim the role of seme.

The erotica aspects here are as wild, as intense, and as explicit as any I have ever read. Yaoi romance is often dismissed as something light, written for a female audience more interested in romance than sex, but I would say this story is all about balance. Amelita Rae offers up not just M/m scenes of erotic domination, but M/M/M/m scenes as well. Akimi acquits himself very well, taking his father-in-law and brothers-in-law in every hole, getting stretched beyond belief in his desperate quest to accommodate his well-endowed new family. It is almost over-the-top in its taboo intensity, but there is still a strong undercurrent of romance to the story. His new family is utterly smitten with the young man (creating some amusing tension early on), and their encounters are borne out of genuine love for him.

While one story alone is not enough to declare me a forever fan of the Yaoi genre, I will definitely be reading more of it, and more of Amelita Rae.

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