Monday, October 29, 2012

Addicted to Charlie by J S Morbius (REVIEW)

With its somewhat haunting cover, and oddly curious tagline, one could be forgiven for dismissing Addicted to Charlie as just some supernatural-themed story of transgender domination and coercion That is a shame, because what J S Morbius has crafted here is a wonderfully romantic and erotically inspirational tale of true love, one that works on both a physical and an emotional level.

Karl and Charlie are a cute couple, two young people who seem to have an honest shot at love. The only thing standing in their way of taking the relationship to the next level is Charlie's secret. When she finally reveals the truth of her transgender nature, Karl is understandably taken aback, not sure whether he can handle the thought of making love to someone with a penis of her own. To her credit, Charlie understands his uncertainties, and refuses to rush him into a decision. In a genre that is all to often marked by 'shocking' revelations and bedroom 'ambush' tactics, the honesty, the realism, and the sincerity here was quite refreshing.

Had the story that follows taken place over a matter of months, or even weeks, it would have been an almost perfect transgender love story. Unfortunately, Morbius rushes things, propelling Karl from uncertainty to curiosity, and then from sexual experimentation to complete immersion, in just a matter of days. As much as I admired Karl for not allowing fears of homophobia to get in the way of true love, I am just not sure any lover could realistically have come so far, so quickly. Issues of timing aside, however, I love where his transition ultimately takes him, and cannot quibble with the orgasmic climax.

I will not spoil precisely how the relationship develops, or what that climax entails, other than to say readers in search of a happily-ever-after ending will not be disappointed.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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